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Welcome to our new Local Coordinator and Treasurer


Results of Expressions of Interest

Recently we received notice that our Local Coordinator is retiring after many years nursing and with ONA and will not be completing her turn of office (ends Dec 31, 2023)
The Expression of Interest process was completed, and we are proud to announce that Kristine Malott will assume the role of the Local Coordinator in the new future.
Due to ONA Policies, a second Expression of Interest process was required for the treasurer role. Kristine held the position of Treasurer as well as being the president at Sun Palor Home and in accordance to ONA policy, Kristine was required to step-down from the treasurer role.
Following the Expression of Interest process, Nancy El-Hussein has been appointed the treasurer role and is actively being trained by Kristine.
It is anticipated that the formal turnover of these positions will occur prior to July 1, 2023.
Please join me in congratulating both Kristine and Nancy in their new roles.

ONA Local 8 has created a webpage dedicated to helping front-line registered nurses and health-care professionals access support if they are suffering from the impact of workplace trauma. ONA Local 8 has partnered with a number of health-care organizations, including the Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services, Erie Shores Health Care, Hotel Dieu Healthcare, Windsor Regional Hospital, Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, Hiatus House, and the Canadian Mental Health Association to assemble a list of resources which can offer you many options to seek assistance.