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What is a Grievance?

ONA Collective agreement:

"A difference arising between the parties as to the interpretation, application and administration or the alleged violation of the agreement including any question as to whether or not a matter is arbitral."

All persons covered by an ONA collective agreement have an equal right to grieve. The decision to support a grievance remains with the Union and depends on many factors.

Why file a grievance?

  • To right a wrong
  • May lose rights identified in your collective agreement
  • Employer will do what (s)he pleases
  • C/A is only a piece of paper if it is not enforced
  • Laws and the C/A protect against repercussions for filing a grievance
  • A businesslike method to resolve

What types of grievances are there in the workplace?

Individual Grievance
An individual grievance is a complaint that an action by the Employer violated the rights of an individual as set out in the collective agreement. The individual is affected directly and remedy is sought specific to the individual.
Examples: failure to pay OT, improper scheduling, job competitions/job postings or unjust discipline.
Group Grievance
A group grievance is a complaint that a group of individuals (a department, a shift, a member of a team, all those in a particular job classification or any other grouping of two or more individuals) has been affected in the same way and at the same time by an action taken by the employer.

Think you have a grievance? Not sure?

  1. Obtain a grievance fact sheet from the Charge Nurse office
  2. Complete it accurately
  3. Make a copy for yourself
  4. Place original in Tina Paulin's mailbox, located in Charge Nurse office