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It is your professional responsibility to report unsafe patient care/practice to your employer. The workload report form in itself is not a professional responsibility complaint, but the start of a paper trail to identify and demonstrate ongoing problems that will require a response by your employer. It acts as proof of your identification of patient safety issues to your manager, and provides you with documentation, should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of responding to the Complaints and Disciplines Committee at the College of Nurses.
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If you feel that there has been a violation of the collective agreement, either central or local, there is a process in place to address this through the Local executive.
There are timelines that must be met so do not delay!
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Any time you are off work due to an injury or illness, it is important to contact the local. Our executive will help facilitate your safe return to work by working with you and the manager to develop a return to work plan that meets your specific needs. Our executive also assists with the safe return of nurses who have been off work due to surgery or prolonged illness.

Health and safety is everyone's responsibility. If you identify a hazard, it needs to be reported. To notify Local 8 Health and Safety Officer of a hazard
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ONA Webinar/ Save the date!


Be sure to attend the 1-hour webinar, hosted by ONA on Monday, August 8, 2022. Please check your personal e-mails for the zoom hyperlink. The 3 webinars have been scheduled at different times of the day for your convenience.

I have reached out to ONA, who has offered to provide a 1-hour webinar on CNO standards and professional accountability. This is very important, and I encourage all to attend. If you have any concerns regarding your practice, this is your opportunity to express them to ONA.

(Please see details below, and mark your calendar)

Title: Professional Responsibility for RNs and RPNs

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as Registered staff in these 1 hour Zoom sessions. Ensure you have the knowledge you need to practice safely.

Save the Date: Monday August 8th, 2022 on Zoom

When: 12 to 1pm - or - 1 to 2pm – or - 7 to 8pm

What: Education sessions on CNO standards and professional accountabilities to help us maintain our license to practice.

Why: We’ve all experienced more workload, and a broadening of practice expectations within this new ‘Covid’ world. The CNO expects all nurses to provide and advocate for the best possible care for their clients/patients. A complaint could be lodged at any time. Unless we can prove there was either no risk with our practice...or that we tried to fix the risk...it’s us holding the burden. Not our Employer.

Who: ONA Professional Practice Specialist, Andie Fagan

How: Zoom link to follow (Pease check your e-mails)

BONUS! For those who attend! At the end of each webinar, I will be holding a random drawing to give away a free prize!

Reach out to your Bargaining Unit President, Janet Hill for more information at janet.hill@local8.ona.org

ONA Communications


Hello Everyone

During the PCM meeting, it was advised that all ONA communications be done using our personal e-mails.

We are aware that ONA business cannot be done during work hours.

In addition, any sensitive ONA information could be accessed by the employer through the back door, should we use our WECHU emails.

With that being said, I’ve created another group e-mail, utilizing your personal e-mails.

On Sunday, June 19, 2022, I sent out 2 e-mails, one to your WECHU email and one with your personal e-mail.

You should have received 2 e-mails. If you only received an e-mail using the WECHU address, please contact me with your most recent personal e-mail, so that I can update this information.

Thank you!

Attending Phone Banks/ Upcoming Election


Hello Everyone.
If you would like to volunteer at the phone banks, please contact Jo-Dee Brown. We would appreciate your help.
The Provincial election is very important, as it can affect nurse's jobs. This could be considered as a "Health Care Election".
We need to get involved.
I have sent out a calendar, and the phone banks are located at the Round House Center.
Arrangements can be made for you to work from home as well.
Please contact Jo-Dee Brown at jodee.brown@local8.ona.org
Thank you!