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Windsor Essex County Health Unit ONA Local 8
Executive and Committee Positions
President: Barb Deter Vice President: Dana Boyd Secretary: Jennifer Johnston
Grievance Reps: Laura Santarossa and Dana Boyd
Human Rights and Equity: Cindy Vanier
Health and Welfare: vacant
Joint Occupational Health and Safety: Windsor – Darlene Rojek County – Heather Gartner
Modified Work: Cindy Vanier
Negotiating Committee:
Dawn Cairns
Sandra DeLuca
Sandy Boshart
Kim Kirkpatrick
ONA Management Committee:
Dana Boyd
Sandra DeLuca
Dawn Cairns
Sandy Boshart - alternate
Professional Development Committee:
CSH/CDIP Rep: Jennifer Johnston
IDC Rep: vacant
Clinic Rep: vacant
Family Health Rep: Courtney Gaffan
2 Alternates - vacant
Professional Responsibility Committee: Joanne Hegazi and Therese Taiariol
Social Committee: vacant
Vitality: Milan Iacobelli and Stephanie Bakic
Nursing Practice Council – Family Health – Lindsay Borg and Shannon Gagnier
School Health – Valerie Delrue and Joanne Hegazi
IDC – Giuseppina Fuerth
CDP – Kendra Neufeld-Stephen (until Judy Palesh returns)
Clinic – Kelly Samms